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Derick Pope
High Arc Media Inc.
Executive Director

It's Your Time to Stop
Worrying About Your
Next Project...

You started videography because you love creativity & storytelling. You saw how many many people need video and figured you could make some good money. And you probably have...

The problem is that it's not consistent. You rely on word of mouth and the occasional social media outreach. Even when they do reach out, you don't feel confident charging your worth because you don't know when your next gig is. If you're doing it part-time, you're scared to leave your job, and if you are doing it full-time, you feel like a slave to your work and edits.

Unfortunately, I have some bad news. You can't just keep doing the same thing and hope it all one day gets better. Yes, your craft will get better. You may even have more people that know you do video so it gets a little consistent. However, do you really want to retire still lifting heavy camera equipment and editing long hours? Probably not.

I'm here to tell you that you, yes YOU, can run a successful production company where your clients pay you enough to hire staff, to not have to worry about editing and just focus on the things that grow your business...That's what the VERIFIED VIDEO BUSINESS ACADEMY shows you how to do.

Here's What The Program Covers

1. Business Etiquette, Credit, & Management

Learn how to properly form your business & manage finances for the ultimate success. Set yourself up for loans that can catapult your operations. Establish proper goals that keep your business on the rise. Find your niche and develop your brand story.

2. High-End Production Skills

Learn what it takes to lead a large crew and satisfy high-ticket clients on set. Lighting, camera techniques, essential gear, and crew members needed for success. Discover best practices to minimize mishaps during production.

3. How to Close High-Paying Clients

We will go over the necessary client experiences, brand image, and targeting/outreach needed get and keep high-ticket clients. 

4. Effective Sales & Marketing Tactics

You will learn how to perfect sales & outreach, receive scripts & templates, and get insight on the best practices to keep bringing in new clientele.

5. Building Systems & Predictability

We will show you how to build the blueprint for your company so that any staff and come in repeat it. This will also make your internal operations much smoother and will help with client satisfaction.

6. How to Scale

Learn the exact numbers & accounting needed to reach your goals. Learn who, how, and when to hire staff.

About Your Coach

Derick Pope is the Founder & Executive Director of High Arc Media Inc., a video marketing agency based in Atlanta, GA. He often is the Director, DP, and Executive Producer of his projects and also structures marketing strategies for his clients. This can include brand story & development, social media management, email marketing, and advertising. His marketing partners have been featured in Forbes and have been on the Inc 5000 list 6 years in a row.


Their main video production projects include but are not limited to documentaries, commercials, and corporate promos for manufacturing, educational, and retail companies. For marketing, their main clientele includes, but is not limited to Home Services, Hospitality, and Healthcare.


Derick has executive produced commercials with budgets upwards of $500K and assembled crews of 60+ members. His main passion, however, is film & tv. He often creates independent films on the side while automating his agency.

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