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Verified Video Business Owners Academy


You started videography because you love creativity & storytelling. You saw how many many people need video and figured you could make some good money. And you probably have... ​ The problem is that it's not consistent. You rely on word of mouth and the occasional social media outreach. Even when they do reach out, you don't feel confident charging your worth because you don't know when your next gig is. If you're doing it part-time, you're scared to leave your job, and if you are doing it full-time, you feel like a slave to your work and edits. ​ Unfortunately, I have some bad news. You can't just keep doing the same thing and hope it all one day gets better. Yes, your craft will get better. You may even have more people that know you do video so it gets a little consistent. However, do you really want to retire still lifting heavy camera equipment and editing long hours? Probably not. ​ I'm here to tell you that you, yes YOU, can run a successful production company where your clients pay you enough to hire staff, to not have to worry about editing and just focus on the things that grow your business...That's what the VERIFIED VIDEO BUSINESS ACADEMY shows you how to do.

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