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Aids Healthcare Foundation


AHF played a major role in helping the state of MS get their confederate state flag removed. They wanted to produce a mini-documentary to highlight these efforts.


They also wanted to license the song “MS Goddam” by Nina Simone so we had our music coordinator get the publishing and license. 


Due to Covid-19, we had to shoot all interviews outdoors, therefore you will see that we set up a large 8’ x 8’ diffusion and tent so the sun would not be too glaring on camera and the talent would have a place to cool off.

Production specs 

  • Single camera - BMPCC4K 

  • Resolution - 4K

  • Lens - Rokinon 35mm, 85mm, 16mm

  • Shoot Days - 3 Full Days, 2 half days

  • Production Locations - Jackson, MS / New York, NY / Los Angeles, CA / Dallas, Texas

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