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Best Video Marketing Strategies to Get Great Results

So, we all know that video marketing is a useful tool in business. In fact, about 94% of businesses see video as an effective tool ( However, several companies don't know all the benefits, and are missing out big time. Here are a few ways that video marketing can help improve your overall business.

1. Replace lengthy sales calls, employee training, and customer on-boarding

There is still a place for humans in all of these scenarios; however, utilizing video will save you quite a bit of time and money.

Instead of constantly going through all the features of your product/service and answering the same questions repetitively to one person at a time, you can create single videos that will detail all of this information to an infinite amount of people at the same time. These videos will also be an asset and last a lifetime.

With employee training, new hires can pause, take notes, and refer back to training videos as opposed to annoying a trainer with repetitive questions and pulling them away from their job.

Think about how many hours you pay employees for customer success. This could be greatly reduced with video walk-throughs and explainer videos.

2. Increase conversions by clearly articulating your product/service

Would you rather buy a product that only has pictures or one that also has videos? Exactly. There is proof that comes along with videos. They are much harder to manipulate. Videos help the viewers feel as if they know more or can trust the brand more.

The story helps to connect and resonate with the viewer on a much deeper level than pictures or words. Just think about how many emotions that movies can make you feel. You can show viewers exactly how your product or service can solve their problem.

3. Take personalization and lead nurturing to another level

Imagine contacting a company online for help and one of their representatives responds with a friendly video directed right at you. How special would you feel? Would you feel that the company puts an emphasis on customer care? Absolutely.

Even in your outreach, personalized videos will make the receiver feel a lot less like a part of a huge automated list and more like a handpicked candidate. Adding video to your emails can increase click rates by 300% ( If you have visual proof to go along with your messaging, it shows that you took your time and have confidence.

Even adding a video thumbnail with a quick biography of you in your email signature can improve your email effectiveness. Another great way to leave an impression is when you're supposed to meet a client at a neutral location and you beat them there. You can send a quick video of your location or parking tips. All of this goes a long way and helps you stand out.

4. Improve your data and tracking in advertising

Utilizing video ads allows you to record very useful data about your potential customers. Facebook, for example, goes as far as categorizing viewers by the amount of time that they watched a video. Marketers will retarget these viewers if they watched 75% or more and did not purchase or follow the call-to-action.

Likewise, when you have a video produced for advertising, you can utilize tracking links with it to monitor the direct results that the video is generating for you.

5. Increase brand awareness

Video quality alone can set the standard for your brand quality. High-end videos help viewers understand that a company is more established and trustworthy. Unsuccessful businesses typically cannot afford to advertise on television, have famous actors, or add amazing special effects.

Also, videos can be shared and seen so quickly. Some companies have gone viral for their videos. Creating engaging and shareable content on social media is a great way to increase brand awareness and establish a loyal following. This will also lead to increased referrals.

6. Establish Expertise and Provide Value

93% of marketers say they’ve landed a new customer thanks to a video on social media ( This is a long-term game, but definitely provides a big return. You gain customers when they trust you and find value in your company. Create videos related to your industry that include how-to's or tips/lessons. This will allow viewers to see you as an authority figure in your industry. This is great for channels like YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and even blogs.

If you can educate a viewer on their problem, they will be much more likely to pay you to help them fix it. Find a way

7. Take Your Testimonials to the Next Level

Consumers find much more trust in a video testimonial over a written testimonial. They get reassurance in seeing the actual client speak for themselves and know that the testimonial is not simply made up by the company.

You can reach out to customers for simple phone videos or even schedule a professional shoot with them. Either one will be a great way to increase conversions.

8. Get Paid For Your Videos

Not all videos have to be free. There is great revenue to be made by having paid subscriptions to your video channels or courses. Maybe not everyone wants to pay you directly to use your product or service. You can make them pay to learn how to do it themselves.

Additionally, once you get 1,000 subscribers on YouTube, you can actually start getting paid for your posts and even get paid from several other YouTube outlets. Consumers are looking to find out how to use your product, looking for reviews, and looking for how products like yours can help them. This is a great way to double your opportunities: paid posting as well as turning viewers into customers. There is also room for paid sponsorships which pay even more than YouTube does to be featured on your videos.


There is not an industry that exists that could not benefit from some type of video. If you cannot just yet afford professional video production, cellphones in this age are very quality. At least start getting consistent content to display of your product/service and watch the difference that it makes. Sit down and form a quarterly plan or video marketing strategy on how you will use the above tactics to evolve your business.


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