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High Arc Media Just Won an Award for Wedding Filmmaking

How They Decided

Starting with over 30 companies, the team at Expertise judged each business by its Reputation, Credibility, Experience, Availability, and Professionalism. From there, they determined their top picks - including High Arc Media. We are so proud to be included on this prestigious list alongside some of the top creative service providers in the area.

How We Stand Out

As highlighted by Expertise, we use our knowledge in cinematography to always help our clients stand out with the most creative look possible. This includes capturing separate b-roll of the couple outside of the wedding day, recording day-of interviews, and providing advanced videography equipment. Using a combination of our own lighting to help the venue shine, professional audio for the viewers to hear key moments, and a talented crew filling multiple roles, few can capture these very special events in the manner that we do.

Our Services

We offer photography and DJ services along with videography. We understand how stressful the wedding planning is, so we look to help in as many ways possible.

In this time of Covid-19, we have pivoted to still be able to help clients capture a great wedding. We have added live-streaming as an option for couples. They typically have 6-10 core family members come in and social distance, and we simply stream the ceremony out to the rest of the family. Couples are still allowed to hire us for Highlights and Full Feature wedding films as well.

When working with us, we make sure that clients feel we treat the day just as special they do. Check out some of our most recent wedding videos below!

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