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High Arc Media Starts 2022 With a Five-Star Bang

High Arc Media is more than just a video production company, we are a video marketing agency. We help our clients with brand strategy and long-term video marketing plans. Our team works hard to ensure that the content we deliver is as far from the usual cookie-cutter solutions other service providers have.

We’ve spent the last few years attracting the best talents in the field, and continuously refined their skills to create excellent content. Now we have proof that our methods aren’t just effective, but are amongst the best in the industry.

A couple of years ago, we decided to invest more in getting feedback on our work from past and current clients. Now, thanks to their effort, we’re starting 2022 in the best way possible - with a five-star rating.

This particular project involved a national nonprofit organization that’s focused on the sports community. They needed an experienced partner that could help produce one for their events and capture footage from the same. Our team was chosen specifically because our values aligned with theirs and our work samples were also hard to resist.

Simply judging by the score they gave us, we’re confident that our work met their high expectations. But if you want to get more details about this and other projects we’ve done, we suggest you read them in full on our Clutch profile.

These reviews have more than met their purpose of building our reputation in our field and reaching out to a wider audience of potential clients. They’re now also an additional motivator that’s helping our team know how much their work is appreciated. But one thing we didn’t count on was their influence on other B2B platforms.

We were recently made aware that we’ve been named as the top 8 video production company in Atlanta on the 2022 list of the B2B ranking website Top Design Firms for We also won an award from Design Rush for one of our videos as Best Video Production Design. While we are incredibly proud and happy for such an unexpected accolade, we know we can get a lot higher in the rankings.

We know there’s a lot of work left to do and there are more people that need our help for their own operations. Our team encourages everyone to visit our website to learn more about the things we can do for them. If you like what they see, feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.

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