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The Future of Event Video Production

The Covid-19 health crisis and associated safety restrictions have had a dramatic impact on the Live Event industry, and associated Event Video Production Industry. Live Events have all but stopped for now - some of them moving online as live stream events.

But out of adversity comes innovation. We’ll see a number of evolving trends in the event video industry ramped up. And new innovations brought in as the Live Event Industry gets back on its feet.

Here are some of the trends that we’ll see:

An Increase in High-Ticket or Boutique Live Events

As Social Distancing restrictions decrease, we’ll start to see a return to live, in-person events. And this is because of the experiential nature of live events. There’s nothing like the feeling of gathering with a large group of like-minded people face-to-face. There are learning and realisations that just seem to be more profound when experienced in the context of an in-person live event.

But while live events will return, Social Distancing regulations will restrict the number of attendees. So we’ll see smaller, more intimate, more high end event. People will pay a premium to attend in person and access networking opportunities, and more individual attention.

In this context, associated live event video will become more premium and innovative. We’ll see more creative use of video such as:

Same Day Edits and daily reports

We’ll see increasing production of video to be shown at the event itself. Daily summary videos and ‘news’ reports will become more common. This will provide attendees with more value. It will also give exhibitors at events other channels to educate attendees about their products and services.

Increased Leveraging of the Event for Content Creation and Product Creation

As live events start to ramp up again, event organisers will have the opportunity to increase their ROI by exploiting leverage opportunities: 

  • Filming case studies and testimonials with their best customers

  • Creating a promotional video using footage from the event video to help promote the next event

  • Providing exhibitors and the sponsors with the opportunity to create videos using the event video team

  • Packaging videos of presenters as information products

  • Providing camera crew or mobile studio access to attendees, exhibitors and sponsors

Continued Growth of Live Streaming video

Live Streaming video was already a fast-growing trend prior to the health crisis. It will now be even more rapidly adopted. Technology will continue to evolve to provide virtual attendees with a more interactive experience. It’s likely that a number of events that switched to online delivery will not return to live in-person events.

The Rise of the Hybrid Event

Already a growing trend, the standard form of delivery for events will become a combination of online and offline activities. Attendees will have the ability to be there in person, connect digitally, or both - moving seamlessly between the two.

Increased online Interactivity

Attendees will gain increased ability to interact with the event virtually e.g. the ability to navigate and control a series of cameras mounted around a convention. And the ability to interact online with exhibitors.


As life starts to return to normal, a pent-up demand will see a return to live events. And with the evolution of live event video, we’ll see more valuable, interactive and high tech use of event video production to go with it.


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