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The Manifest Recognizes High Arc Media Among Atlanta’s Most Reviewed Vendor

It’s been four years since High Arc Media started helping clients, and to this day, we are still as eager to welcome new opportunities as we first started. As we celebrate our 4th year in the industry, we’re delighted to share the latest milestone we’ve achieved as a team. It has recently come to our attention that The Manifest recognized our company as one of Atlanta’s most reviewed video production companies!

To give you an insight into how big this is for us, we’re here to share with you our journey.

Established in 2018, High Arc Media was nationally celebrated for its professionalism, results, quality, and punctuality. This mission stemmed from intense research of all the issues faced with production companies and our goals to be one of the best.

Our goal is to help companies not only have great brand videos but also to see great results. This is why we brought on talented digital marketers to make sure our clients are fully equipped for success.

And for this reason, we are proud to share with you the recognition we received as a leader on The Manifest. The Manifest is a business news platform that helps browsers stay informed with the latest survey data on different B2B related topics. The site is dedicated to delivering complete industry wisdom to provide leverage to potential clients and service providers.

High Arc Media is among Atlanta’s top 15 most reviewed and recommended video production companies based on their latest research. Our grateful clients highlighted our team’s indisputable success, which was measured through our careful planning, innovation, and execution. Their feedback made this outstanding recognition a reality for us.

“It means so much to have grown to be an award-winning company so quickly. Thank you for recognizing our hard work!” – Derick Pope II, Founder & Head Producer, High Arc Media

Do you have a video production project in mind? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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