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Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Use a Film Studio

When taking the first steps to realize a commercial, interview, film, or other video production projects, locations can quickly become a tricky obstacle. Shooting on-location can require permitting, lots of back-and-forth with the location owner or manager, and there is just too much room for unknown problems like sound from nearby busy streets or lack of space for gear and crew.

Utilizing the facilities at a film studio is much more beneficial, and here's a few reasons why.

1. Professionalism

Easily accessible and pre-built white, black, and green backdrops offer the traditional pick for professional talking head interviews and product videos.

2. Sound

Professional studios are sound-proofed, meaning you don't have to worry about any unwanted ambient or disturbing noise. This means no cars speeding by, no pedestrians arguing on the sidewalk, and no planes flying overhead, which could otherwise ruin that perfect take.

3. Lighting

At a film studio, you are guaranteed the ability to black out the whole place and get the exact lighting you want, unlike a physical location where you would not have as much control over ambient light.

4. Space

With a large enough studio space, you can build and recreate environments that would otherwise be very difficult to rent or access. You can even bring cars inside! Need the interior for a cabin in the woods, but don't feel like driving hours into the mountains? What about a space ship or modern corporate office? All of these hard to get locations can come to life easily in a studio.

5. Convenience

Many studios offer onsite dressing rooms, as well as extra equipment and props for any on the spot ideas that you may have for your production. You can even bring trailers for overnight projects if the studio is large enough.

6. Power

Some physical locations, especially historic and rural ones, often run into the issue of not having enough electrical power for the amount of lights needed to properly light the space. This is not a concern at a studio, as they are rigged to be able to provide enough voltage to power every light you need to create a top-notch project.

Studios can offer these and many more invaluable resources to benefit your production, and it is well worth the investment to utilize their facilities. Rates can vary from $35-$50/hr for very small studios, $100-$150 for average video studios, and into the thousands for daily rates at major commercial and film studios.

If these services sound beneficial to you, feel free to contact us and we will find the perfect studio for your project.

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